Imagine Binary Convert Overview


This DLL will convert the parsed text to binary numbers (returns it as string)
Call the function: Binary to convert text to binary
Call the function: String to convert the (by spaces devided
and by 1 space ended) binary string back to text.

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Additional Information

DLL Info:

  • CallConvention: STD
  • Return type: String

Please mind that the NULL Character will end the conversion on it's position.
For a binary to string conversion, mind that each 8byte binary string has to be
delimited with a space. Also an ending space is required.

Compatibility Information

This dll can be used on any Windows based OS after Windows 2000,
using either a x86 (32bit) or a x64 (WOW64) setup.


  • Binary(szString) - Returning the binary representation of the string.
  • String(sBinaryString) - Returning the normal representation of the binary string.