All about donations and people who donated.

Imagine Programming is a freeware business, meaning that everything on this website is released as a free product. Making these products is ofcourse not free, if we want to do it all legally, and we do. So we are really happy with the donations we get, it allows us to move on and keep developing products for you!

If you would like to keep us motivated, letting us know you care for our products and help us a bit financially, please don't hazitate to donate, we would really appreciate all the help we can get! There's never a difference between amounts, even a cent/penny would mean alot to us!

People who helped!

People who helped by donating and chose to be listed here.

Here's a list of people who helped out Imagine Programming in a big way by donating what-ever they wanted to donate. These are the donators who agreed to be mentioned on this list, you can also disagree and be left out of this list if you do not wish to be listed.

Name Website Date € Amount Message
Rexzooly Kai Black Link 30 Oct 2010 € 110.67 I hope this will help you move up in the plugin world my good friend :) Love peace and good luck!
MadDogDean Link 29 Aug 2012 € 20,- Thanks for your tireless effort developing fantastic tools!
Naxo Link 24 Jul 2016 € 20,- Thank to you for your plugins dude!