ProgressEx 2.0

11 November 2013 - 12:00 AM

ProgressEx has been redesigned and redeveloped. The back-end rendering engine has been completely rebuilt from scratch.

This has opened up some more possibilities for ProgressEx and future controls.

It is now possible to catch mouse events (2.0 and higher). These events can be processed by the programmer and make the ProgressEx more interactive. It's possible to catch clicks, mouse button presses, mouse movement, focus and losing focus.

For example, using these events, you can have your ProgressEx work as an interactive Progress indicator. Have the user click and drag the bar to a new state, use it as a volume control or simply use the whole bar as a list item in your program.

Check out here!

Imagine-Programming.com version 4

25 October 2013 - 12:00 AM

After years of darkness and a simple red background image, we decided to modernize imagine-programming.com. The design and websystem have been completely redone. The system is now based on the system we designed for MemoryEx.net and will be much easier to manage.

The background image is provided by Daniel J Perry, this image fits perfectly on our website. His links:

One of the perks about this new system, is that you can still download old versions of software (as of now), because all the versions will be uploaded now. This means that when an updated version doesn't work out for you, you can just download an older version.
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