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This small powerful application hides information in images by using the art of steganography. It uses one or more bits per color channel to hide bits from any data that has to be hidden. Anything can be streamed into a picture, small icon or anything else.

The size of the image and the settings determine how much data you can hide. Imagine Steganographer also contains encryption and compression settings, allowing you to apply a ECB/CBC XORU encryption or BriefLZ compression on the data.

The steganography algorithm works by splitting up the input data in of fixed amount of bits (depending on the bits used per color value) and replacing the same amount of bits in pixel color values the data bits. This way, the image changes insignificantly, almost, but holds the data you wish to hide.

The hidden data is now part of the color information and can be again if you have the correct information about the used parameters.


SteganographyThe primary function of this application is hiding data inside the color information of images. The output image will always have to be a lossless codec (PNG or BMP in this case), but you can select BMP, PNG, TIFF, TGA, JPEG and JPEG2000 images to hide information in.
Multiple modesYou can encode data in 24-bit or 32-bit color modes (the use alpha and convert to 32-bit options) and then select either 1-bit, 2-bit, 3-bit or 4-bit per value encoding. These settings imply how many bits of each red, green, blue and additionally alpha value you are going to use in the process of steganography.
SummarySteganographer will tell you how much information you can house in the image with the current settings, and how much data your file will require (with or without compression)
EncryptionThe Imagine Programming XORU cipher is implemented in Steganographer. This undocumented cipher is an obfuscation algorithm. It isn't AES, but when you are using the 512-bit CBC algorithm with a large key and vector, it is pretty secure.
CompressionIf the data you want to hide is too large and not yet compressed, you can use the BriefLZ algorithm from within Steganographer to compress your data before encoding it.

self-hosted tracking/analytics pixel without sharing your data to other parties.



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Additional Information

Beware that this software comes without any warranty. Don't use this tool to hide information without having a back-up. If the steganography was damaged for whatever reason, your data might be forever lost.

Also beware that this software is based on the 'Security by obscurity' principle. It is not meant to be extremely secure, even though an encryption algorithm was added.

Compatibility Information

Windows XP and higher, x86 and x64.