Imagine IPv4 Subnetter Overview


A small tool solely created for subnetting IPv4 addresses, using the classes A, B or C.

The tool will generate most needed information regarding subnets, masks, usage of bits within a DWORD, even the full bitmap and bitmask representation of the result.

When the result was successful, you can view all resulting subnetworks by pressing the show Networks button. If a subnetwork has been marked red, it means that usually this entry is not used. (reserved).

Furthermore; This is a xoru project, with as purpose to teach the coder or the users more about the subject of development.

self-hosted tracking/analytics pixel without sharing your data to other parties.



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isubnet4- Fri 25 May 2012, version - View changes.
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Compatibility Information

Windows 98 and above. (including WOW64)