Imagine ProgressEx Action Plugin Overview


This is a plugin which will allow you to create a ProgressEx control upon a AMS window. ProgressEx is a new control, originally developed for PureBasic as a class, however we decided to release it as AMS plugin and not keep it a personal control, which was intended first.

The full version 1,2,0,0 is now online, and ready for use in any project. A big thanks to all the people who helped testing this plugin and reporting any bug there was, including documentation related mishaps.

ProgressEx is a new control, and ported to AMS as an Action Plugin. This means it will need a host for it to stay in, like an Input object or a Progress object. ProgressEx is an extended graphical progressbar with some nice features, like gradient colors, custom colors for:

  • Background
  • Background Border
  • Text
  • Text border (2 types)
  • Bar border
  • Solid bar color, instead of the gradient colors
  • Optional glossy effect on the bar

It now also supports an Icon to be set for the ProgressEx bar, the icon will show up on the far-left side of the bar, and can be dynamically changed like everything in the ProgressEx control. The icon could be used, for example, to show a graphical indicator of what the application is currently doing.

The method used for loading/releasing/setting images is similar to the method used in ListIcon, however the helpfile explains everything if you still come across problems.

Check the screenshots for some nice bars ready made.

File contents:
  • Plugin files
  • Helpfile
  • 1 Basic Example
  • 1 Advanced Example

self-hosted tracking/analytics pixel without sharing your data to other parties.



Filename Version / Changelog  
progressex-action-plugin- Wed 19 Feb 2014, version - View changes.
  • Fixed: SetSolidColor did not redraw the control, it does now!
  • Added: SetCursor with several OS native cursors
  • Updated: Action XML system
  • Updated: Documentation
  • Updated: ProgressEx-Example to show Icon and Cursors
  • Fixed: Some threadsafe issues
x Download
progressex-action-plugin- Mon 11 Nov 2013, version - View changes.
  • Updated: Back-end system, new rendering system built.
  • Added: Event callback system
  • Updated: Documentation and examples
  • Added: Example for event system
x Download
progressex-action-plugin- Sat 06 Oct 2012, version - View changes.
  • Comment: This changelog also contains changes for previous versions
  • Comment: 06-10-2012 Version 1,2,0,0
  • Added: NoGlossy flag for ProgressEx.Create and ProgressEx.CreateEx
  • Added: ProgressEx.SetUseGlossy (L-OOP and Procedural)
  • Updated: Helpfile
  • Updated: Example
  • Comment: 21-12-2010 Version 1,1,0,0
  • Added: ProgressEx.SetTooltip (L-OOP and Procedural)
  • Updated: Helpfile
  • Updated: Example
  • Comment: 31-10-2010 Version 1,0,0,0
  • Comment: First full release.
  • Added: Icon support, 4 functions.
  • Added: An extra example.
  • Updated: OOP Model, Added 4 methods.
  • Comment: 29-10-2010 Version 1,0,0,0 Beta1
  • Comment: First beta release.
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Additional Information

A full documentation has been included in the Zipfile, read it well before trying things out. Also a L-OOP model has been included in the plugin, allowing the user to call ProgressEx functions as methods. You need the CreateEx function for this, which is also included.

Compatibility Information

This plugin only works with Autoplay Media Studio 8.0. Furthermore this plugin works on all x86 and x64 systems with an OS later than Windows 2000


  • ProgressEx.Create
  • ProgressEx.CreateEx
  • ProgressEx.AllocColor
  • ProgressEx.SetGradientColors
  • ProgressEx.SetSolidColor
  • ProgressEx.SetCurrentPosition
  • ProgressEx.GetCurrentPosition
  • ProgressEx.SetText
  • ProgressEx.GetText
  • ProgressEx.SetFont
  • ProgressEx.SetRange
  • ProgressEx.GetRange
  • ProgressEx.LoadImage
  • ProgressEx.FreeImage
  • ProgressEx.CountIconsInFile
  • ProgressEx.SetImage
  • ProgressEx.SetTooltip
  • ProgressEx.SetCursor
  • ProgressEx.SetUseGlossy
  • ProgressEx.GetUseGlossy
  • ProgressEx.SetCallback
  • ProgressEx.RemoveCallback
  • ProgressEx:AllocColor
  • ProgressEx:SetGradientColors
  • ProgressEx:SetSolidColor
  • ProgressEx:SetCurrentPosition
  • ProgressEx:GetCurrentPosition
  • ProgressEx:SetText
  • ProgressEx:GetText
  • ProgressEx:SetFont
  • ProgressEx:SetRange
  • ProgressEx:GetRange
  • ProgressEx:LoadImage
  • ProgressEx:FreeImage
  • ProgressEx:CountIconsInFile
  • ProgressEx:SetImage
  • ProgressEx:SetTooltip
  • ProgressEx:SetCursor
  • ProgressEx:SetUseGlossy
  • ProgressEx:GetUseGlossy
  • ProgressEx:SetCallback
  • ProgressEx:RemoveCallback