Imagine PluginInfo Action Plugin Overview


This is a small plugin which is basicly the Plugin information obtaining
back-end for Imagine PluginInfo, this is an AMS action plugin, with a few

This version is for AMS8 only and supports SDK1 and SDK2 plugins.

self-hosted tracking/analytics pixel without sharing your data to other parties.


Filename Version / Changelog  
plugininfo-action-plugin-sdk2- Sun 20 Jun 2010, version - View changes.
  • Updated: Compatible with AMS8Added
  • Added: PluginInfo.IsValidLicense
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Compatibility Information

AMS 8 SDK2 Only.


  • PluginInfo.GetName
  • PluginInfo.GetXML
  • PluginInfo.GetLuaVersion
  • PluginInfo.GetAuthorInfo
  • PluginInfo.GetVersion
  • PluginInfo.GetInfo
  • PluginInfo.IsValidLicense

Special credits

Special credits go to these friends:
This plugin has been on the list for a while, but our friend Centauri Soldier from AMSPublic has requested it, so here it is!
Sakuya for suggesting PluginInfo.IsValidLicense