Imagine NTPC Action Plugin Overview


Imagine NTPC Action Plugin is a very simple and tiny plugin that allows an AMS Lua developer to obtain accurate and up-to-date time information from within AMS periodically.

This plugin allows easy access to timeservers running on port 37, most NTP servers have this service up and running. The reason why it supports timeserver and not the NTP port 123 service, is so that the application can also retrieve the time from MS Windows 2003 and lower servers.

self-hosted tracking/analytics pixel without sharing your data to other parties.


Filename Version / Changelog  
ntpc-action-plugin- Mon 30 Mar 2015, version - View changes.
  • Added: Support for both Timeserver (37) and NTP (123).
  • Updated: Documentation
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ntpc-action-plugin- Sun 29 Mar 2015, version - View changes.
  • Added: Daylight savings bias support
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ntpc-action-plugin- Sun 29 Mar 2015, version - View changes.
  • Comment: Initial release, version
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Additional Information

Before trying things out yourself, it would be wise to read the documentation regarding this plugins as some operations can cause unwanted behaviour if not executed well.

Do not request time from one server too often, as they might ban your IP address periodically (or permanently) if you do so.

Compatibility Information

  • This software requires a Windows operating system equal to or greater than Windows 2000.
  • This plugin requires AutoPlay Media Studio 8.0 or greater.
  • This plugin requires a network connection that can reach a timeserver you specify.


  • NTPC.GetTimezoneName
  • NTPC.GetTimezoneBias
  • NTPC.RetrieveNTPTime