Imagine ListIcon Action Plugin Overview


This is a plugin that's not new to the AMS community, the ListIcon action plugin originally created by RizlaUK (LuaDevils). LuaDevils gave Imagine Programming this plugin so we can continue it for them, we were really honored.

A few changes have been made to this new version, See the changelogs for these changes, they may affect your project containing a ListIcon.

This plugin will allow you to create a ListIcon control on your AMS page/DialogEx. You can declare your own events and call many functions that allow you to manipulate the ListIcon control.

As from version 2.0 you can:

  • Colorize seperate cells/columns/rows.
  • Load images from different sources like executables, by association and/or extension.
  • You can now also free previously loaded images from memory.
  • You can now change the view mode of the ListIcon to LargeIcon/SmallIcon/List/Detail
  • You can now count icons in an executable for use with LoadImage.
The coloring of cells/columns/rows will be done with the usage of the new
event named ListIconEvent.OnColorRequest(ObjectName, Column, Row)

As from version 2.1 you can:
  • Load fonts
  • Free fonts
  • Set fonts for each cell/column/row of the ListIcon using ListIconEvent.OnFontRequest

As from version 2.2 you can:
  • Set focus, implement OOP and set/get DATA on a row!

self-hosted tracking/analytics pixel without sharing your data to other parties.



Filename Version / Changelog  
listicon-action-plugin- Sun 31 Jul 2011, version - View changes.
  • Comment: This changelog also contains changes for previous versions
  • Comment: 31-07-2011 Version 2,2,0,0 Update
  • Updated: Documentation and API code
  • Comment: 13-09-2010 Version 2,1,0,1 Fix Update
  • Comment: 13-09-2010 Version 2,1,0,0 Minor Update
  • Added: ListIcon.LoadFont
  • Added: ListIcon.FreeFont
  • Added: Event; ListIconEvent.OnFontRequest
  • Updated: Helpfile - Added the new functions and event.
  • Fixed: Some minor issues in the old topics in the helpfile.
  • Updated: Example.
  • Comment: 12-09-2010 Version 2,0,0,0 Major Update - Imagine Programming
  • Comment: Project Moved over to Imagine Programming (Thanks Dean Hall!)
  • Added: ListIcon.FreeImage
  • Added: ListIcon.CountIconsInFile
  • Added: ListIcon.SetView - Set the view mode
  • Added: Event; ListIconEvent.OnColorRequest
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Additional Information

Read the helpfile, the changes may affect your project. By reading the helpfiles
you can prevent the search for an issue which is covered in the functions helptopic.

ListIconEx based on ListIcon by Shadiku Izayoi (ShadowUK @ IR Forums) now included in the plugin!!

Compatibility Information

This plugin only works with Autoplay Media Studio 8.0. Furthermore this plugin works on all x86 and x64 systems with an OS later than Windows 2000


  • ListIcon.AddColumn
  • ListIcon.AddRow
  • ListIcon.ClearRows
  • ListIcon.CountChecked
  • ListIcon.CountColumns
  • ListIcon.CountIconsInFile
  • ListIcon.CountRows
  • ListIcon.CountSelected
  • ListIcon.Create
  • ListIcon.EnsureVisible
  • ListIcon.Find
  • ListIcon.FreeFont
  • ListIcon.FreeImage
  • ListIcon.GetCellText
  • ListIcon.GetColumnText
  • ListIcon.GetColumnWidth
  • ListIcon.GetRowChecked
  • ListIcon.GetRowData
  • ListIcon.GetRowSelected
  • ListIcon.GetSelected
  • ListIcon.InsertColumn
  • ListIcon.InsertRow
  • ListIcon.LoadFont
  • ListIcon.LoadImage
  • ListIcon.RemoveColumn
  • ListIcon.RemoveRow
  • ListIcon.SetCellText
  • ListIcon.SetColumnText
  • ListIcon.SetColumnWidth
  • ListIcon.SetFocus
  • ListIcon.SetRowChecked
  • ListIcon.SetRowData
  • ListIcon.SetRowSelected
  • ListIcon.SetSelected
  • ListIcon.SetView
  • ListIconEx.CreateObject

Special credits

Special credits go to these friends:
  • RizlaUK (LuaDevils) - For the original idea and product. Thanks for this project Riz!
  • Shadiku Izayoi - for his inspiration and suggestions, and the ListIconEx implementation!