Imagine PluginInfo Action Plugin Overview


This is a small plugin which is basicly the Plugin information obtaining back-end for Imagine PluginInfo, this is an AMS action plugin, with a few functions.


Filename Version / Changelog  
plugininfo-action-plugin- Mon 22 Mar 2010, version x Download

Additional Information

This plugin requires the latest version of the AMSWMemory Plugin, you can find this plugin Here.

Compatibility Information

This plugin requires the AMSWMemory plugin and the AMS runtime, without
these it won't work.


  • PluginInfo.GetName
  • PluginInfo.GetXML
  • PluginInfo.GetLuaVersion
  • PluginInfo.GetAuthorInfo
  • PluginInfo.GetVersion
  • PluginInfo.GetInfo

Special credits

Special credits go to these friends:
This plugin has been on the list for a while, but our friend Centauri Soldier from AMSPublic has requested it, so here it is!