iEnc Action Plugin Overview


This action plugin uses a mix of xTea, MD5, CDC to encrypt files.
The main encryption is xTea and the maximum length of a key is 32 bytes.

There is one downside, Window.Close(Application.GetWndHandle(),CLOSEWND_TERMINATE); must be used on shutdown or the application will crash in Vista and Windows 7.


Filename Version / Changelog  
ienc-action-plugin- Thu 07 May 2009, version x Download

Additional Information

You should put Window.Close(Application.GetWndHandle(),CLOSEWND_TERMINATE);
in the project's OnShutdown event.

Compatibility Information

This plugin can be used on any Windows based OS after Windows 2000,
using either a x86 (32bit) or a x64 (64bit) setup.

This ofcourse requires the AMS runtime, as it is a plugin for AMS.


  • iEnc.Encrypt(sFileIn, sFileOut, sKey); --Encrypts a file using the iEnc plugin
  • iEnc.Decrypt(sFileIn, sFileOut, sKey); --Decrypts a file using the iEnc plugin