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Imagine PluginInfo was made for Autoplay Media Studio users that use the *.apo Object plugins and *.lmd Action plugins. With this tool, you can view information about the plugin, and its actions without having to start AMS. When you view a certain action, it generates a simple helptopic referring to that action. The default usage will be shown at all times, but if available, an example and return type description will be shown aswell.

self-hosted tracking/analytics pixel without sharing your data to other parties.



Filename Version / Changelog  
imagine-plugin-info- Sat 08 Aug 2009, version - View changes.
  • Comment: Current version
  • Comment: These changes also include changes from old versions
  • Changed: the main plugin info view, it is now in Lua 5.0 syntax.
  • Fixed: some minor issues.
  • Comment: 05-08-2009 v1.2.0.0
  • Fixed: An issue where some plugins would crash Imagine PluginInfo
  • Fixed: An issue where, on a no-return action, the objectname would dissapear.
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Compatibility Information

This application runs on any Windows based OS after Windows 2000,
using either a x86 (32bit) or a x64 (64bit) setup.