Dnet AMS Action File Editor Overview


This is made by Dnet software (Dean Hall / RizlaUK). This is a mirror.

A lightweight application for editing action/object plugin XML files, for Autoplay Media Studio plugins. You can also generate a multi/single -file HTML help documentation. This tool is a must-have for AMS Plugin Developers! Also hosted on AMSPlugins! Imagine Programming used this on the iEnc plugin and all future plugins!

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Filename Version / Changelog  
ams-action-file-editor- Mon 02 Feb 2009, version - View changes.
  • Added: user can now generate a single or multiple html help files.
  • Fixed: a bug where removing a argument from the listbox would mess up the arg id and cause a error, node id was still intact just wrong id in the listbox.
  • Fixed: a bug in the help menu, help file now launches ok.
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Compatibility Information

This application runs on any Windows based OS after Windows 2000, using either a x86 (32bit) or a x64 (64bit) setup.

Special credits

Special credits go to these friends:
All credits to Dean Hall (Dnet software)